AOC Bourgogne Rouge "Vieilles Vignes"
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AOC Bourgogne Rouge "Vieilles Vignes"

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Producer: Domaine Broussard

Wine Style: Red

Region: North Burgundy, Chablis

Year: 2016

Désignation: AOC Bourgogne Rouge "Vieilles Vignes"

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

Description: Light red colour, crimson at first then, with age, shading towards dark ruby. To the nose, at first a basket of small red and black fruits (strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, bilberry) later evolving into baked prune, peppery notes. They are lively and structured in the mouth with a well-rounded and supple backbone. Tannins and fruit go hand in hand and the chewiness matches the power of the secondary aromas. This wine has volume and flesh- it is, in a word, vinous. Serving temperature:  12 to 14°C for young wines, 14 to 16°C for older wines

Food Pairing: With an elegant and refined character as well as a light and fluid structure in the mouth. They go with rather delicate dishes that are to some degree aromatic - vegetable salads, meat or poultry tarts, or simmered beef and vegetables (pot-au-feu). Moreover, their delicacy makes them a perfect choice for those who like red wine with fish. Their natural elegance predisposes them towards veal, cold tabouleh, or hard cheeses like Gouda and Comté.