Auxey-Duresses "Cuvée Charly"
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Auxey-Duresses "Cuvée Charly"

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Wine Style: White

Region: Burgundy, Côtes de Beaune

Year: 2020

Désignation: Auxey-Duresses "Cuvée Charly"

Grape Variety: Chardonnay

Description: Pale straw colour and crystal clarity, matching its aromas of fresh almond and apple, to which are added biscuity and mineral (gunflint) notes. It tickles the palate in an agreeable fashion - sprightly when young, fuller and meatier with age, but always with good aromatic persistence.

Its fruit retains its fullness through a long finish and for this reason it goes well with prawns and fish in spicy sauces, as well as ratatouille and cooked shellfish. It can likewise be paired with cheeses of the Gruyère family, blue cheeses, and certain types of goat’s cheese.

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